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The story behind MarPower

About Marpower

Marpower is a specialist in developing and delivering customer-specific solutions for electrical-engineering needs on ships and mega-yachts. We can deal with all challenges in the fields of voltage conversion, drive technology or automation. We think and design together with you and offer alternatives. We are your partner in technical solutions.

Over 100 years in marine and offshore, infrastructure and industry

Marpower is a registred trademark of Eekels, which has been operating for over 100 years in the Marine and Offshore, Infrastructure and Industry sectors. A time-honoured tradition in a young team. A new team within a robust, stable company. We put our customers first, we love technology, we value reliability, we operate independently, and we do business responsibly towards our surroundings, human as well as environmental. We always choose the best possible solution and we know how the international market works.

State-of-the-art products, high-quality service

Our highly trained technology specialists do everything they can to maintain a well-earned reputation with Marpower. We do this with classic products that are state-of-the-art in the market.

We both deliver existing products and develop products upon customer request.

Our strength is in our broad mix of competences, hardcore engineers as well as passionate creatives. We have and provide knowledge in the fields of high voltage, power electronics, mechanics, automation and high-quality service. We love to help out, we love to be challenged with complicated questions, and we offer you tailor-made work in electrical engineering.

Our products and systems are great, but our people will make your success.