A modular and compact solution for every situation.

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Grid Converter

Grid Converter

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Does your ship have electrical propulsion or do you need on-board energy conversion? Marpower Drives has a modular and compact solution for every situation.

Our air-cooled and water-cooled drive systems are available for propulsion as well as bow or stern thruster drives. A frequency-controlled solution can be devised for virtually any electrically powered engine. Energy flows are controllable through a Grid Converter, installed for instance between two switchboards with different voltages and frequencies. Together with a shaft generator, serious fuel savings can be achieved.

Let the specs convince you

  • Approved by all major classification societies
  • Flexible sizing due to in house fabricated panels
  • air- and/or watercooled drives
  • Bow Thruster/Stern Thruster application:accurate mooring and positioning
  • Grid for stable power and fuelsaving
  • Custom built and customer-specific solutions
  • Proven long lifespan, worldwide support
  • Over 40 years of knowledge and experience with electric drives