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Marpower Service & Maintenance

You can rely on us to engineer and build your systems with the utmost care and expertise. Ready for many years of fault-free use. After your purchase you can still always count on us, with our worldwide 24/7 service. From emergency repairs to preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance. And from condition-dependent maintenance to supply of spare parts. We help out with emergency repairs, fault finding, measurement and analysis of harmonic currents, EMC and grid pollution. Rapidly and competently, for all types of industrial power electronics.

Commissioning and initial use

Our commissioning engineers are specialists in drive technology and power electronics. They can carry out even the most complicated commissioning operations in a controlled and safe manner. Based on thorough knowledge and experience, using extensive tool sets and based on assured processes.

Rectifying malfunctions and emergency repairs

Malfunctions always happen at inconvenient times. On weekends or in the dead of night. In the harbour or at sea. Downtimes and failures cost your money. Call us and our power electronics specialists will come to help out. If possible, we will do immediate repairs. We have a large range of spare parts and a partner network that spans the globe. We will help you until your system once again runs the way it should.

Safety, speed and guaranteed service

A malfunction is never planned. However, the availability of our engineers should be assured 24/7. That is why we sign a service contract with you. This way, we can guarantee the highest level of availability at lower costs. And if a malfunction should happen, then we take rapid and safe action. Does your ship have process- or plant-specific safety features? Then our specialists need to be aware of those. With a service contract you can rest assured that our people are trained according to your latest safety instructions. Ready to take action in case of a malfunction.

Fault finding, fault analysis, harmonics and EMC measurements

A unexpected trip, fuses that blow now and then, or unstable control systems. Fluctuations in measured values, unexplained behaviours, or unstable control loops. These malfunctions can lead to production failures or even worse, unsafe situations. Our experienced commissioning engineers know where and how to look and what to measure. They have an arsenal of measuring equipment at their disposal. And if necessary, they will be supported by premier specialists and engineers.

Spare parts

Upon customer request we will maintain stocks of critical components and systems. From circuit boards to engines. And from drives to software. We can also find and supply replacement parts. For instance if the manufacturer no longer exists, if the distributor has disappeared, if the type number is unknown, or if you don't have the time. We will supply the required spare parts quickly and securely at a reasonable price


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