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Marpower Automation System for ships

How does an operator monitor all the subsystems on the ship? And what should be done if an inefficiency, unsafe situation or malfunction is found? The Marpower Automation System (MAS) offers support. Choose Basic, Standard, Extended or Advanced. Reliable operation, clearly organised, user-friendly. Tailored to any ship from small boats to marine vessels and mega-yachts.

Information system

The MAS is very user-friendly and informative. The system collects the information from all subsystems on the ship and visualises the relevant data in a clearly organised way on the home screen.

Insight into the performance of each subsystem

Does MAS detect a concern or malfunction? Then the operator is given a clear signal about that.

With one touch of the screen, the operator can zoom in. The next screen will show all the relevant information about the performance of this subsystem, including the manufacturer's documentation that was entered into the system. This enables the operator to quickly understand the issue and take prompt action, with remote support from Marpower as appropriate. We have developed MAS with knowledge of the requirements and preferences of our customers.

Tailored to customer specifications

Thanks to its modular structure, we can deliver MAS to customer specifications. This gives our customers the clearly organised system that they need for optimal operations on board. We develop the MAS fully in-house. This offers us the unique opportunity to continuously keep our system up-to-date and to adapt it in flexible ways to specific customer needs as well as future innovations. Good to know: the hardware components are available worldwide and can therefore be easily and quickly replaced.

Smart modules for maximum control

MAS is the alarm system offered by Marpower. Other modules can be added to it. This creates a comprehensive information system that enables the crew to maintain optimal control of the ship.

Let the specs convince you

  • monitor all the subsystems on the ship
  • From basic alarmsystems to Total Ship Automation (TSA)
  • Modular structure, customize to specification
  • Entirely developed by MarPower
  • Hardwarecomponents worldwide available
  • Proven long lifespan, worldwide support