Ballast Control System

Ballast Control System (BCS)

offers automatic pumping of ballast water between tanks.

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Marpower Ballast Control System (BCS)

How do you maintain stability during sailing? The Marpower Ballast Control System (BCS) offers automatically controlled pumping of ballast water between tanks. This ensures optimal longitudinal as well as transverse ship position even in case of on-board crane operation. Manual ballast operations are still possible in any situation.

Let the specs convince you

  • Stabil vessel, even with on-board crane activities
  • Overflow monitoring
  • Dry running monitoring
  • Overload monitoring
  • Cavitation- and work space limitation of pumps
  • Adjustable set points
  • System path tracing possible
  • Integration of Ballast Water Management System possible
  • Automatic bilge system integration possible

Ballast Control System

More information about the Marpower Ballast Control System

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