Harmonic Pollution

Harmonic pollution: How to handle it

Harmonic pollution: How to take care of it on ships and yachts

When sailing on a ship or yacht, you may encounter harmonic pollution. Harmonic pollution is a disturbance in the electrical system on board of your ship or yacht. It is best to address this problem quickly, as it can cause damage to your equipment. In this blog, you will learn about how this pollution arises, and how to prevent this pollution.

What is harmonic pollution?

Harmonic pollution is a disturbance caused by non-linear loads in the electrical system of ships and yachts. Some examples of these loads are dimmers, battery chargers, and computers. Since ships and yachts supply their own energy, the electrical system can be sensitive to harmonic distortion of voltage and current.

How to prevent harmonic pollution

There are two ways to prevent and reduce harmonic pollution. You can address the causes and remove the sources of interference. However, a feasible solution is to eliminate or compensate for harmonic distortion. This can be done passively or actively.

You can use our Shore Power Converters in the harbor to actively counteract distortions and connect safely to the shore. The Shore Power Converter can actively compensate for harmonic distortion, preventing damage to your equipment, preserving equipment lifespan, and reducing the load on the electrical system.

Our Shore Power Converters have been at the forefront of the maritime industry for years, being cost-effective and having the highest power density. Want to discover all the benefits? Click the button for more information.

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